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​"Thanks for all your help. I love how on top of this you are. Awesome news and great job!"

Ken Seiff, Bridgehampton

"This is great news!! Thanks so much for your help."

Ryan Wenk, Westhampton

"Great news."

Tom Herrmann, Ocean Bay Management

"A long and sometimes frustrating adventure, but thank you for making it a success in the end."

Richard Jarashow, North Sea

"Thank you everyone for all your work!"

Mary Anello, Sag Harbor

"Perfect, thanks!"

Paul Fusco, SoulCycle

"You're the best Laurie!!! Thanks again."

Anthony Hobson, East End Coordinates, LLC

"This helps a lot! Many Thanks."

Denise Schoen, Bridgehampton

"Yeah! Nice!"

Scott Stansfield, Sag Harbor

"Thanks Team."

Journey Hotel, East Hampton

"GREAT! Thanks for your help."

Lee Wattenberg, East Hampton

"Thank you all, great work."

Steven Gottfried, Springs

"Thanks so much for all this crazy hard work!!"

Mary Churchill, Churchill Wines & Spirits, Bridgehampton

"You are so efficient!! Thanks for following up."

Sam Levitin, East Hampton

"You are aces."

Mark Fitzgerald, FineHome Building, Inc.

"I want to thank you for your excellent work. It is always a pleasure to work with the pros."

Gerald Taylor, Bridgehampton

"Thank you for your patience and expertise."

Roger Gershman, Montauk

"Your delivery on the info was epic!"

Greg Zimmerman, G.M. Zimmerman Architect

"Awesome, thanks so much for your help."

Alyssa Case, SoulCycle, Montauk

"Wow you are good!"

Mitch Savino, Port Royal, Montauk

"That's great. Good Job."

Frank Fisher, Fisher Landscaping, Flanders​

"Wonderful news—Thanks for keeping the pressure on."

Nancy Hodin, Springs

"Thank you for your assistance in handling all the issues that arose with the property. We could never have completed the challenge without you."

Suzy Alpert, Brosnan and Hegler Attorneys

"Very excellent letter."

Zena Saunders, Montauk

"You've all been extremely helpful and I couldn't have done this without you."

Val Florio, AIA, Sag Harbor

"Great, thanks for bringing this illusion to conclusion."

Bruce Menin, Wainscott

"Well done, thank you!"

Ray Lawrence, Montauk

"Thanks for your help and expertise."

Sharon Molinas, Montauk

"That's great news—thanks!"

Bill Mulroy, East Hampton Village

"I think this is a good catch by our expediter."

Matt Gaskin, National Grid

"Good work."

Richard Whalen, Attorney

"Thanks very much for all your help."

Ralph Sacco, Amagansett

"Thanks for all your efforts."

Bill Leeds, Architect

"Congratulations you did it! Thank you."

Denise Fenchel, East Hampton

"Amazing work. Thank you!"

Brian Ursino, New York City

"We appreciate your help with moving this along quickly."

Kristin Davidson, Amagansett

"Thank you!!!"

Nicholas Botta, Architect

"Thank you! So much."

Marci Klein, Wainscott

"Good work."

Chris Kelley, Attorney

"I thought you did a great job of exploring more possibilities for the property."

Susan Habermann, Northwest Woods

"We know our application is in the very best hands of the very best team ever assembled (LPS, the attorney, the architect and the surveyor)."

Michael Patrick and Carol Sedwick, Napeague

"Thank you for all your efforts; I don't think we would have done it without your well-written letters."

Bill Feratto, Amagansett

"SUCCESS!! yesssssss, thanks..."

Bob Gobright, Sag Harbor


Peter Honnerkamp, Stephen Talkhouse, Amagansett

"That is awesome."

Jay Schneiderman, Breakers Hotel, Montauk

"Wow! 14 years but who's counting! Thanks."

Kevin Abernathy, Barnes Landing, Amagansett


Bruce Bradley, Montauk

"Wooohoo!! Thanks for all the work around this."

Agnes Wanielista, Sag Harbor

"Thanks a ton to you and your team. I knew you'd deliver from our first phone call."

Peter Amantia, Watermill

"Great news that the permit is issued—Thank you!"

Vicki Ajello, Springs

"Great news!"

Catherine Abbate, Newport, RI

"Love that! Great job!"

Lee Robinson, Louisville, KY

"Great. Thanks!"

Anthony Ingrao, Montauk

"Thank you and your team for all of your help. As complex as this process is, I would not have been able to manage it myself."

Fred Lenz, North Sea

"Everything I asked for. Thank you!"

Ed Mank, East Hampton Village

"You are amazing. Thanks!!"

Chris Vila, Vilabuilt, East Hampton

"Thanks for your work on this. Great Job."

Stan Rosen, Amagansett

"Great- Thank you."

Cindy Hochhauser, Montauk

"Thank you for this."

James Schainuck, Amagansett

"Thanks for the quick response and information."

Paul Gangsei, Napeague

"You guys rock."

Jason Hirsch, Amagansett

"HOLY SMOKES!!!! What a Christmas gift!!!!"

Jaclyn LoPresto, Southampton

"Awesome job!!!"

Michael V. Crocitto, East End Building Co.

"You two get shit done!... love it!!!

Andy Goldberg, Sag Harbor

"Great! Thanks for straightening it out.

James Dooley, East Hampton

"Fantastic news. Strong work! Many thanks.

Kai Sturmann, Flanders

"Your office generally does a great job with the applications"

Christian Peterson, Southampton

"Thanks for all of your support! Couldn't have done it with out you and the team!"

Wendy Gottfried, Springs

"Thank you very much for turning this around quickly. Much appreciated."

Shelley Slade, East Hampton Village

"That's great news. Thank you!!!"

Nicholas Botta, Botta Sferrazza Architects, PC

"Fantastic news. Strong work!"

Kai Sturmann, Flanders

"You two get shit done!... love it!!!

Andy Goldberg, Sag Harbor

"Your office generally does a great job with the applications."

Christian Peterson, Southampton

"Thanks for all of your support! Couldn't have done with out you and the team!"

Wendy Gottfried, Springs

"Thank you very much for turning this around quickly. Much Appreciated. 

Shelley Slade, East Hampton Village

"That's great news. Thank you!!"

Nicholas Botta, Botta Sferrazza Architects, PC

"Thank you everyone for your efforts on these projects!! Much appreciated."

Zac Clanahan, Eric Woodward Architect

"Yay!!! Great work team. Thank you very much"

Stu Rosenstein, Amagansett

"You have been very helpful with this process"

Maurice Bennett, Southampton

"Great news. Thank you."

Armin Bellova, East Hampton

"Exciting. Thank you!"

Heather Marie, Southampton

"Very helpful. Thank you

Barnaby Harris, East Hampton Village


Valinda Valcich, East Hampton

"Woo Hoo!!! Very happy to hear that. Thanks much!

Jeff Smith, Dune Resorts

"You are amazing! Thank you so much."

Chrissy Koppin, KCC Design + Build

"That's fantastic news! Your assistance is greatly appreciated!

Tim Bauser, KCC Design + Build

"You're the best Laurie, thank you"

Dean Brodsky, Brodmore Management Inc.

"Great!! Thanks for the help here."

Peter B. Sinensky, Amagansett

"Thanks very much for all of that. We finally have the finish line in sight!!"

Suzanne Butler, Village of Sag Harbor

"Great!! You're the best!"

Robin Weingast, Lazy Point

"Thank you. This good news."

Rick Heller, Southampton

"Thank you for the great news regarding the granting of Variance"

Greg O'Halloran, Noyak

Laurie is a ROCK STAR. I can't imagine someone handling that meeting any better. We are lucky to be her client.

Peter Baldwin, East Hampton

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