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"Woohoo!!! Thanks for all the work around this." 

Agnes Wanielista, Sag Harbor

"Awesome, thanks so much for your help."

Alyssa Case, SoulCycle, Montauk

"Many thanks to the magnificent LPS team."

Amado Ortiz, Architect, East Hampton

"That’s good news! Great job! Thank you all."

Andrea & Rob Rothport, Noyak

"Thanks for making this so easy.”

Annie Jaroszewicz, Noyack

"You're the best Laurie!!! Thanks again."

Anthony Hobson, East End Coordinates, LLC

"Great. Thanks!"

Anthony Ingrao, Montauk

"Thank you for all your efforts; I don't think we would have done it without your well-written letters."

Bill Feratto, Amagansett

"Thanks for all your efforts."

Bill Leeds, Architect

"Thank you for all of the information and advice so generously offered during my impromptu visit to your office today. The last thing I expected was to be able to roll out my plan on the spot. Steve Talmage knows what he is talking about! When I meet with my architect and my attorney, I will recommend that you be included in my team. Meanwhile I will take your advice regarding immediate steps."

Bill Miller, Bill Miller & Associates Landscaping, Southampton

"That's great news—thanks!"

Bill Mulroy, East Hampton Village

"SUCCESS!! yesssssss, thanks..."

Bob Gobright, Sag Harbor 

"They have an excellent reputation and I found them to be quite professional and knowledgeable."

Bob Morsch, Telemark Construction

"Amazing work. Thank you!"

Brian Ursino, New York City


Bruce Bradley, Montauk

"Great, thanks for bringing this illusion to conclusion."

Bruce Menin, Wainscott

"Great news!"

Catherine Abbate, Newport, RI

"Karmen and I would like to thank you and your staff for all your help with our site plan application. Without your efforts we would not have gotten our permits this fast. We appreciate all that has been done on our behalf by LPS."

Charles & Karmen Garland, Sweetwaters Dry Cleaners, Wainscott

"Thank you for the expeditious and to the point analysis."

Charles Layton, Springs

"Good work."

Chris Kelley, Attorney

"You are amazing. Thanks!!"

Chris Vila, Vilabuilt, East Hampton

“Great- Thank you."

Cindy Hochhauser, Montauk

“The client has moved in! They are very happy!"

Daniel Heighes Wismer, Architect, Bridgehampton

“Congratulations you did it! Thank you."

Denise Fenchel, East Hampton

"This helps a lot! Many Thanks."

Denise Schoen, Bridgehampton

“Correct... you have won a prize... take the rest of the day off!"

Don Sharkey, Former East Hampton Town Chief Building Inspector

"Thank you for all of your help.”

Doug Moore, Montauk

"Everything I asked for. Thank you!"

Ed Mank, East Hampton Village

"Your congratulatory thoughtfulness had a way of touching my day... making it a little brighter, problems seem a whole lot smaller and my success a little more important. It's people like you who make the difference in this world and you are appreciated very much."

Edward D. Burke, Suffolk County Court of Claims Judge

"Thank you. You guys are the best.”

Eileen Raffo, Lazy Point

"Good you did!"

Elaine Hochberg, Montauk

“Everybody, thanks for a wonderful job!”

Eric Woodward, East Hampton, Architect

"That's great. Good Job."

Frank Fisher, Fisher Landscaping, Flanders

"Thank you and your team for all of your help. As complex as this process is, I would not have been able to manage it myself."

Fred Lenz, North Sea

“Many thanks for your excellent work in clearing all of the zoning and compliance issues regarding the property sold in Watermill."

George R. Bunn, Attorney

"I want to thank you for your excellent work. It is always a pleasure to work with the pros." 

Gerald Taylor, Bridgehampton

"Your delivery on the info was epic!"

Greg Zimmerman, G.M. Zimmerman Architect

“Thanks for great year.”

Heather & David Saskas, Saskas Surveying Company, P.C., East Hampton

"...Due to the excellent presentation and advocacy by the applicant's agent, the Planning Board agreed to the proposal for Kromer's auto marine service as presented..."

Henry Clifford, Chairman, Town of East Hampton Planning Board, 1999

“I would like to acknowledge your company for acquiring the permits for DiSunno Mini Storage in Amagansett and a job well done."

James DiSunno, Amagansett

"Thank you for this."

James Schainuck, Amagansett

"That is awesome."

Jay Schneiderman, Breakers Hotel, Montauk

"Thanks. Good job!"

Jeff Gardner, Watermill

"Great thanks!”

Joan McLaughlin, Bridgehampton

"That's great news!"

Jeff Smith, Dune Resorts, East Hampton

"Thank you for everything you guys have done for us. Without you we would be nowhere."

Joel and Helen Portugal, Georgica

"Thanks for the work!"

Joel Horowitz, Montauk

"As we say in Italian, 'Finalmente!’”

Joseph Perella, East Hampton Village

"Great news, nicely done!’”

Josh Greenwald, Water Mill

"Hallelujah!! Thanks for persevering team. That was biblical."

Joshua Young, Napeague

"Thanks Team."

Journey Hotel, East Hampton

"I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how much I appreciate all the efforts you put forth to help me get a variance for my garage. You handled the entire procedure efficiently, very professionally and brilliantly. I took pleasure in recommending you recently to friends also in need of a garage. It is nice to be able to recommend someone that I know will do the best job possible."

Judy Feldman, East Hampton

“Thanks Laurie. We really appreciate everything you did to make this happen.”

Katy Horne, Sag Harbor

"Your expertise and experience are impressive."

Karen Lane, Montauk

“Thanks, I appreciate the fine work you did for us and the professional advice. If we do another project, we will call again.”

Ken Sciara, Born Free Hotel, Montauk

"Thanks for all your help. I love how on top of this you are. Awesome news and great job!"

Ken Seiff, Bridgehampton

"Great News, Thanks!"

Kenneth Joseph, Wainscott

"Wow! 14 years but who's counting! Thanks."

Kevin Abernathy, Barnes Landing, Amagansett

"We can't thank you enough for all of your hard work. You will be our first guest."

Kim & Eddie Rodriguez, Napeague

"We appreciate your help with moving this along quickly."

Kristin Davidson, Amagansett

"Thanks for letting me know the process. The Hott family appreciates all of the good work you and your team have done."

Larry Hott, Montauk

"On behalf of Mr. Tahari, we want to thank you for your diligent and professional efforts in connection with the land use issues."

Lee Miller, Attorney, New York City

"Love that! Great job!"

Lee Robinson, Louisville, KY

"GREAT! Thanks for your help."

Lee Wattenberg, East Hampton

"Whew!!!! Thanks."

Lou Meisel, East Hampton

"FINALLY! Thanks.”

Louise Fischer, Montauk

"Thank you! So much."

Marci Klein, Wainscott

"Excellent. Thank you!"

Mark Bullivant, SAOTA Architecture and Design

"Congratulations! I just received a fax of Larry Penny's letter, what a quick turnaround. Says a lot about the quality and completeness of the submission - great job."

Mark Byrnes, Phd., Cape God, MA

"You are aces.”

Mark Fitzgerald, Fine Home Building, Inc.

"Thank you SO MUCH for helping us through the process to get our project permits. It means so much!"

Marti Murray, Springs

"Thank you. Great job at the Zoning Board hearing for our variances. I appreciate the prep and the performance."

Martin London, Montauk

"Thank you for your hard work over the past couple of years."

Mary Anello, Sag Harbor

"Thanks so much for all this crazy hard work!!"

Mary Churchill, Churchill Wines & Spirits, Bridgehampton

"Thank you. Well done!"

Mary Giquinto, Plum Builders

"I think this is a good catch by our expediter."

Matt Gaskin, National Grid

"Thanks for getting the permit! Amen!"

Maurice A. Mann, Amagansett

"We know our application is in the very best hands of the very best team ever assembled (LPS, the attorney, the architect and the surveyor)."

Michael Patrick and Carol Sedwick, Napeague

"Wow you are good!"

Mitch Savino, Port Royal, Montauk

"Wonderful news-Thanks for keeping the pressure on."

Nancy Hodin, Springs

"Thank you!!"

Nicholas Botta, Architect

"Perfect, thanks!"

Paul Fusco, SoulCycle

"Thanks for the quick response and information."

Paul Gangsei, Napeague

"Thanks a ton to you and your team. I knew you'd deliver from our first phone call."

Peter Amantia, Watermill


Peter Honnerkamp, Stephen Talkhouse, Amagansett

”Thanks very much for all your help."

Ralph Sacco, Amagansett

"Well done, thank you!"

Ray Lawrence, Montauk

“A long and sometimes frustrating adventure, but thank you for making it a success in the end."

Richard Jarashow, North Sea

"Good work."

Richard Whalen, Attorney

"I just wanted to say 'thanks' for your professionalism and for being proactive. Hiring you was one of my better decisions."

Robert Anthony, Springs

"To the whole gang - Thank you for all your help with our site plan application, and for all your help throughout the year."

Robert Rattenni, Rox Central Realty & Bill Costello, Men At Work Construction, Wainscott

"Thank you for your patience and expertise."

Roger Gershman, Montauk

"This is great news!! Thanks so much for your help."

Ryan Wenk, Westhampton

"Thank you. Everything worked out perfect."

Sandra Brauer, Sandra Brauer Design

"You are so efficient!! Thanks for following up."

Sam Levitin, East Hampton

"Wonderful! Thanks again for all your help!"

Scott Landau, Sag Harbor

"Yeah! Nice!"

Scott Stansfield, Sag Harbor

"Thanks for your help and expertise."

Sharon Molinas, Montauk

"Thanks for your work on this. Great Job."

Stan Rosen, Amagansett

“Nice work, that is great news."

Stephen Hammock, Amagansett

"Thanks for all of your help. would definitely use you again."

Stephen Perry, East Hampton Village

"Thanks for the hustle."

Steve Bitondo, Montauk

"Thank you all, great work."

Steven Gottfried, Springs

"I thought you did a great job of exploring more possibilities for the property."

Susan Habermann, Northwest Woods

"Thank you for your assistance in handling all the issues that arose with the property. We could never have completed the challenge without you."

Suzy Alpert, Brosnan and Hegler Attorneys

"Thank you for your attention to our project."

Terry Singer, Hedges Banks

"For a job well done, congratulations and thanks for all of your assistance with our subdivision."

Tim & Beth Sears, Amagansett

"Great news."

Tom Herrmann, Ocean Bay Management

"Thank you. Appreciate the assist."

Tom Vitale, East Hampton

”Laura Michaels sang your praises for your help with the permits for her house out in Montauk."

Tracey Gardell, Montauk

”You've all been extremely helpful and I couldn't have done this without you."

Val Florio, AlA, Sag Harbor

"Great news that the permit is issued- Thank you!"

Vicki Ajello, Springs

”Thank you, this is very helpful!"

Vincent Appel, Of Possible Architectures

“You were right... again!!"

Water Mill Abstract Corp.

"Very excellent letter."

Zena Saunders, Montauk

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