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  • Permits for Residential Home Improvements
    New house, renovation, tear down, addition, swimming pool or tennis court - Land Planning Services will help you navigate the system in order to obtain the approvals necessary to build your dream.
  • Subdivision of Land
    Let Land Planning Services assist you with the processing of applications to maximize your property’s potential through subdivision, land transfer or lot line modification.
  • Permits for Commercial Development
    Whether you intend to update, expand, change the use of or put a roof over your business, permits will be required from local, county and state agencies. Land Planning Services will guide you through the process in order to expedite your site plan approvals.
  • Rental Registry Applications
    LPS Hamptons provides comprehensive rental registry services across the Hamptons, ensuring property owners comply with local rental laws. Our firm specializes in understanding and navigating the specific zoning and land-use regulations of each area within the Hamptons. We offer efficient registration processes for homeowners looking to rent their properties, guaranteeing adherence to all legal requirements. Trust LPS Hamptons for straightforward and professional assistance with your rental registry needs.
  • Affordable Housing Permits
    Land Planning Services will guide you through the permit process necessary to construct an apartment over your commercial building, build a mother-daughter apartment attached to your house or develop a multi-unit workforce housing project.
  • Other Services
    As a full service land planning firm, LPS also handles Urban Renewal Map Modification Applications, Zone Change Applications, Road Abandonment Applications, Scenic and Utility Easements and more. For more information, contact us today.
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